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BIOFISH SULPHITE 300 & 700, BIOLAN´s integral solution to sulphite control along the crustacean’s aquaculture process

BIOLAN launches to the market a complete solution for sulphite monitoring in the crustaceans industry enabling fast, accurate and simple sulphite testing: a table top biosensor, BIOFISH SUL 300 in order to quantify sulphite in crustaceans, and a portable ready to use biosensor, BIOFISH SUL 700, based on disposable strips or biotests for measuring the amount of sulphite in the water tanks where the shrimp is treated.

In crustacean industry, sulphite additives are used in order to prevent crustacean melanosis, and are applied after harvest and throughout the whole production process. However, sulphites are considered as allergens by the main international regulatory bodies on food safety because of their adverse health effects. The industry must control the sulphite concentration throughout the process to comply with the existing regulations in the use of additives and allergens.

In addition to the BIOFISH SUL 300 already known by the market, BIOLAN launches the new biosensor BIOFISH SUL 700 developed as an early monitoring method for sulphite analysis in the water of the bins where shrimps are collected and mixed with water, ice and sulphite. Sulphite analysis at this point of the process is crucial in order to avoid failures in the control of melanosis and moreover preventing the presence of excessive amounts of sulphite in the following steps of the process chain.

BIOFISH SUL 700 is the result of the SO2SAFE project founded by the European Commission thanks to the SME Instrument Programme of the European H2020 strategy, and whose implementation has been successfully completed last June as it was expected. It has been validated in real time in shrimp aquaculture facilities in Ecuador, Honduras and Arabia Saudi, who consider this new product an interesting solution to solve their needs in sulphite control along the production process.

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