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BIOLAN is a new member of the THAI TUNA INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION, TTIA, which joins the highest tuna firms around the world.

In its last meeting, on 26nd of April 2019, Thai Tuna Industry Association (TTIA) introduced BIOLAN as new extra ordinary member (registration number is 53), along with other 47 companies, to join this year. The Association is annually reinforced, being in 2018 integrated by 26 ordinary members (companies that buy and process tuna), and 20 extraordinary members (companies related to the sector such as distributors, can processors, machinery, labels...). In 2019, Mr Khun Chanin of the Unicord firm assumes the presidency of TTIA.

TTIA was established in 2013, aiming the cooperation of Thai tuna processors to push 4 policies: food safety, sustainable fishery, ethical labor practices, and trade negotiations and relevant knowledge building in order to attain wider acceptance in trading negotiation at domestic and international levels.

TTIA Members produce products in accordance with food safety principles. It is controlled from raw materials to storage of food in the ways that prevent foodborne illness by using the GMP Good Manufacturing Practice and the HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). TTIA has also promoted quality inspection system for both private sector and Government to ensure the tuna is a source of food protein, high quality and safety.

In this sense, BIOLAN participates in TTIA, as technological provider for measuring the histamine concentration in any point of the chain value (raw or processed tuna), ensuring the quality and the food safety of the final product. Moreover, BIOLAN will be able to support the TTIA Technical Sub-Committee, for discussing technical issues and finding solutions together, in order to strengthen its strategic tendencies and objectives.

Thai Tuna Industry

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