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Excellent reception of the BIOFISH 300 in the presentation to the fishing sector and food safety authorities of Morocco

On February 8, BIOLAN, through its delegation in Morocco, organized a conference at the Kenzi Hotel in Casablanca (Morocco) to present the BIOLAN technology, and more specifically the BIOFISH 300 method for the determination of histamine and sulphite in fish and aquaculture products.

Among those attending the event was the Fédération des Industries of Transformation and Valorisation of Fishery Products (FENIP), the Office National Sécurité Sanitaire des Produits Alimentaires (ONSSA), as well as various representatives of official laboratories attached to ONSSA and the Autonomous Laboratory of Casablanca (LOAC).

The attendees were able to see how BIOLAN's BIOFISH 300 method can respond in terms of speed, precision and simplicity to the needs of the Moroccan fishing industry when it comes to carrying out controls on its production processes and logistics chains. The fishing sector has in BIOFISH 300 a competitive and reliable tool for the determination of histamine as an indicator of fish quality, and the quantification of sulphite in crustaceans, facilitating the control of allergens and following the guidelines established by international regulation.

Biofish 300

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